Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Girls' Night Out

One of my favorite things to do a Christmas time is to go see The Nutcracker.  When I was little, my mom would take my sister and I.  Even into college and adulthood, I have always tried to make it at least every few years or so.  I love it all, the magic, the music, the amazing colorful array of so many different types of dancers, it ALL.

Growing up in Tulsa, we always went to the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, which puts on, in my limited opinion, one of the best versions of this ballet ever.  However, I don't live in Tulsa anymore and going would provide a lot more planning.  This year, I wanted to share my childhood experiences with my daughter, who is 4 and obsessed with all things ballet and princess.  This year, we tried out the OU Festival Ballet for our Nutcracker fix and it did not disappoint!  The set was not nearly as elaborate as the more "professional" productions that I have seen but the dancers were wonderful, very animated and graceful.  Plus, in the smaller venue, we could actually see details like facial expressions, costumes, and the musicians more clearly.  The children were especially a treat to watch, some were clearly a little dazed by the lights and audience and some were such little hams dancing around with huge grins on their faces.

My daughter was thrilled to be out WAY past her bedtime, doing something "fancy" with the grown-ups.  We could barely get her to sit still, until the performance started.  Once the lights went down, I don't think she made one noise or moved a muscle until intermission, she was so mesmerized.  Of course, about halfway through the second act she completely passed out, but she saw enough to know she loved it!  This was such a fun holiday season activity and I already know that it will become a tradition for years to come.  Maybe next year we will even invite the boys!

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