Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mini-Vacay and a Museum

Whew, it has been a busy time in Mommy-land lately!  I just haven't had the time or really the "inspiration" to blog as much.  You know this time of year: trying to choose cards, gifts, decorations, all while cooking some pretty substantial holiday dinners and traveling to see as many relatives as possible and teaching children about the "real" meaning of the holidays, and making sure you are stocked up on guest dish soap.  It's enough to give a girl heartburn!  Anyway, I'm making an attempt to "catch up."

One of the great things my family did over the Thanksgiving break was to go see my sis and her family in Texas.  She is a science teacher and knows all of the great fun and educational kids things to do.  Really, I should just make her write this silly blog but her "to do" list is as long as mine + a full-time job.  So, you're stuck with me.  On this trip she took us to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.   This place is "shut the front door" Amazing!  In my area we have a spectacular natural history museum and a spectacular science museum.  This museum was like BOTH of those crammed into one with the addition of amazing architecture, an IMAX and about 100 other super cool things.  Seriously, you could spend an entire day there.

 One of the highlights was a short "movie" about the history of Texas from the beginning of time to present day, complete with 3D "spitting" dinosaurs and interactive seats that make you feel like you are in a time machine ride thorough history.  Warning, not exactly for the faint of heart!  I'll admit that I actually squealed when a giant, realistic T-Rex literally roared into our faces.  My 4 year-old loved it!  Crazy girl.


Next up, we headed to the gift shop.  They had a great and unique selection of creative and educational gifts, not to mention a giant dinosaur slide made entirely from recycled materials.  My daughter could have spent the entire visit just on the slide!

This museum also has lots of great outside art, sculpture, and activities.  I cannot wait to go visit in warmer weather.  Mr. T-Rex greeted us at the door, then we headed off to conduct some experiments.  Centrifugal force?  Aerodynamics?  Weather?  Careers?  You name it and you can learn about it here in a huge amount of fun and creative activities.  My daughter just about flipped when she "flew" her paper balloon in the wind tube.  We had so much fun in this area that we never even made it to the second floor.   Like Arnold said "We will be back!"

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