Sunday, February 19, 2012

Diva Days

Every February, my daughter and I end up attending multiple tea parties, brunches, and other very "fancy" events.   It just works out that way.

For one thing, it is black history month and that is marked at our library in a very special way.  Several years ago, some very creative people (men, if you can believe it) published a book called Crowns: Portraits of Black Women in Church Hats.  I know, it sounds silly but it really is exactly that, a beautiful book with beautiful pictures that is a true celebration of womanhood and the tradition of bringing out your "Sunday best" for church.  For the record, I know that God does not care what you are wearing when you come to His house, but you have to admit, there is something special and reverent about putting on your best for this special day.  It really brings back the celebratory nature of Sundays as being truly days devoted to church and family.  Goodness gracious, I can get on a tangent.

So back to my point, there are several wonderful libraries in my area (and I'm completely objective, don't you know) and two of them do absolutely amazing events based on this lovely little book.  The first is the Gospel Brunch at the Moore Public Library.  It's a celebration of the gospel tradition capped by an amazing performance by Christopher Jones, a man who is a beautiful singer and an encyclopedia on the tradition of black gospel music.  And of course, it is full of lovely ladies in lovely church attire.  I've been taking my daughter since she was in a carrier and she has always enjoyed it.  It is a happy, clappin' and amen-ing type of occasion.  Who doesn't enjoy a fancy brunch every once in a while?

Next week we will attend my favorite library event of the entire year, the Crown's Tea.  Again, it is inspired by the book.  Have you ever looked at those crazy hat pictures of mine and wondered "What is with that woman and that big purple hat?"  Well, this is it.  The Crown's Tea.  It is a sea of lovely ladies dressed to the nines.  I mean, you've gotta go at least once just to see all those hats.  Big hats and small hats, sparkly hats and flowery hats, feathers, veils, brims, hats that are like nothing you've ever seen or imagined before.  You think those Royal Wedding gals have some crazy hats?  You haven't seen anything until you attend the Crown's Tea.  Seriously, it should be on every woman's bucket list.  Yes, I am a bit evangelical about this event.  But so are a lot of other people, judging from how hard it is to get a ticket to this thing sometimes.

So, add to these two amazing programs, the Daddy Daughter Dance, and the Fancy Nancy Tea Party and you can believe that by March 1 my daughter is going to be one spoiled little diva.  I think we are going to have to spend Spring Break dragging her back to reality!  Maybe a laundry tutorial?

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