Friday, November 20, 2009

Activity Mistakes - 2 In 1 Day!

So today was clearly a day for learning. My daughter insisted on going to the "new playground" in a neighborhood near our house. Since it was sort of cold and blustery outside and I was feeling lazy, I decided on Chick Fil A instead. I thought I could pawn off their play center as a new playground and get a sandwich too (you'll see how I like combo outings). We got a table right on the other side of the glass from the play "enclosure" which is a fitting term for the pack or raging little creatures biting, wrestling, screaming, and flailing on the other side of the glass. My daughter was fascinated and I was of course terrified! How could I let my shy two year-old into that pack of monsters? One ruddy faced girl in particular made even me feel intimidated. Who were these children and where were their obviously disturbed parents? Imagine my surprise when perfectly normal mommies would appear to collect these nightmare children. Is this what normal 5 and 6 year olds are like? Against my better judgement, I sent my princess into the fray. She scooted immediately over to "toddler town" where only little ones her size were supposed to play. Of course that didn't stop the bigger kiddos from racing by and occasionally pushing her aside. It's so hard as a parent to balance on that ledge between protecting your little angel and teaching her independence. Luckily for me, my daughter is a smart cookie and quickly decided enough was enough. Five minutes of that mess and she was back at the door, waiting patiently for me to let her out. Oh, and on the way home she screamed again for the new playground and I found myself right at the place I wanted to avoid, standing in the wind and cold in the middle of a neighborhood under construction, nose running and cheeks burning as I watched my daughter happily run and play in her own empty playground! Mistake number 2 involved crafts. Darn you Babycenter and your stupid "make your own turkey from a pinecone" email update! Here's a tip: glue sticks do NOT make paper and cotton balls stick to a pinecone! And as if things couldn't get worse, I actually broke out the glitter duster in an effort to make the shabbily stuck together turkey at least look more festive, and of course she managed to get it while I checked on the baby. I should probably have invested in the Dyson when I bought a new vacuum last year. We'll leave it at that for today.

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