Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lions, glue sticks, and other indoor activities...

With the weather getting colder, I am forced to find ways to entertain my children indoors. Here are some things I have learned: A closet full of old Halloween costumes is a goldmine of fun for very young children! Your little monster driving you batty? Stick her in a lion costume! My daughter entertained herself for nearly an entire blissful hour this week stalking and roaring and chasing her tail. This is good info to know. Next week, we might try the dragon! Craft time! I'm developing a drawer full of crafty supplies: glue sticks, multi-colored paper, pipe cleaners, cotton balls, markers, you name it. Warning - they do NOT make glue sticks like they used to! Anything heavier than a small cotton ball will likely need to be secured with tape. Also, DO NOT leave the children alone with the glitter shaker. Yep, I'm making these colossal mistakes so that you don't have to... Color time! Yes, I have heard that pre-printed color pages stifle your child's imagination (whatever). However, I have had great success steering clear of toddler meltdown by printing a page of current holdiay characters (Santa, Uncle Sam, whatever) and letting my girl celebrate the season. You can find these for free at or through a quick Google search, such as Santa coloring pages. Hope these tips keep your little monsters occupied on the days when "going" is just not happening!

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