Friday, May 20, 2011

Braised Cabbage and Leeks with Sausage

I love red cabbage.  It's so pretty, it's crazy cheap, and you can do a lot with it.  I make this dish several different ways, but here's the latest:

1 package all-beef skinless smoked sausage, halved, sliced, browned and removed onto paper towels to drain. 
Drain any remaining fat from pan.  It's not exactly going to make this recipe "lean" but it will make you feel better!  The turkey smoked sausage is great too, I just didn't have it this time.

In the same skillet on medium, add 1-2T extra virgin olive oil and:
1/2 medium head of red cabbage, halved (as in quartered I guess) and sliced. 
1 medium leek, halved, sliced, soaked in water (to remove grit), patted dry
1 clove garlic, minced

Let veggies cook until tender-crisp (10-15 minutes), then add:
1 heaping T  Dijon mustard and orange marmalade, 1/2 C (again, I don't usually measure...a couple of swirls around the pan) unsalted beef stock,
Cracked black pepper
Turn heat to medium-low, add sausage back in, stir all ingredients to incorporate sauce and let simmer for 10-15 minutes.  Garnish with flat-leaf parsley and a squeeze of fresh orange.

I also really like this with the chicken apple sausage and sliced Granny Smith apples cooked with the veggies.  It should also cut the calories and fat.  Although, when I do that, I add apple juice and real maple syrup and omit the orange marmalade/juice.  I have to use that recipe sparingly though because Hubby is weird about fruit and meat being in the same dish.  But, if  you don't have those same hang-ups, the chicken sausage is really the way to go! 


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