Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Time is Library Time

Yes, I know that there are a lot (a lot, a lot, a lot) of fun things to do during the summer...not to mention the mandatory do-nothing time!  But, do not forget your local library.  Chance are, you grew up doing summer reading at your local library.  Well, we are still going strong!

This morning we went to the annual kick-off parade at one of our nearby hometown library.  We have gone every year since my daughter was born and every year I am amazed by the excitement, the creativity, and the FUN of these librarians.  What child does not want to be part of a parade?  Incidentally, hauling a wagon with 70lbs of children is a pretty good calf work-out as well!  After the parade, it was inside for henna tattoos, fan making, snow cones, Native American dancing, and sign-up time.  The theme this year is One World, Many Stories.  Your local library should have lots and lots of fun and (shhh...) educational activities for kids all summer long.  If it doesn't, you might want to ask why.  Start with your librarian and move you way up to your legislator.  And if you do like your library, then GO!  Libraries receive part of their funding based on things like door counts and "stats."  That is what tell the decision-makers that their money is being used and appreciated, and maybe they should send even more!
Waiting for Fancy Dancing

Here is an incomplete list of some of the fun things we have done at our local libraries:  Philharmonic string quartet, bug festival, music education classes, magician shows, trick roping, science experiments, craft time, story time, tea parties, cello story time, and the petting, exploring, touching, and learning about many, many wild and unusual animals.  And that is just what ONE library does for children.  They also have great programs for teens and adults, even services for home-bound residents.

So, that's my advocacy for the day.  Go to your library.  Sign up for summer reading.  Find fun and free ways to keep your child entertained and educated until school starts again!

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