Friday, July 29, 2011

Birthday Boy!

This week was my son's second birthday.  I'll admit I was really at a loss of how to celebrate it.  I mean, we have a big cookout/water party planned for the weekend, but for a regular Wednesday for a 2 year-old, what to do?  Well, in a "happy" turn of events, our garage door broke that morning, forcing Hubby to call into work so that he could figure out a fix.  Hmmm...bonus!  He wanted to fix the garage door, silly man, but I convinced him that this was meant to be, suddenly at home on son's birthday, we can't let that go to waste!

So we started with Hubby's famous (at least in our house anyway) homemade pancakes, a special batch with fresh blueberries and whole wheat flour, yummy and semi-healthy.  Then we headed to the zoo, nice and when it was only 87 instead of 107.  At the Oklahoma City Zoo, Wednesdays are "way back Wednesdays" which means $1 admission, hot dogs, carousel rides, and probably some other things.  In honor of the big 2 we let our son ride one of the actual up and down animals on the carousel instead of hanging with mom in the big peacock bench seat.  The look on his face when his tiger started going up and down was priceless.  Such a smug and surprised little smile.  It would have been a beautiful picture.  Of course, the memory card for the camera was in the computer as usual.  Oh well.

After the zoo, it was off to Moore for a visit to the Cupcake Lounge.  What's that you say, an entire store devoted to gourmet cupcakes made from scratch every day????  Mmmmm....  I was dying to try the cheery limeade cupcake (brilliant!) but sadly they did not have any that day.  What they did have was a "Take me out to the ball game" with caramel filling, creme cheese frosting and buttered popcorn on top; a "funky monkey" with banana cake and chocolate fudge frosting; and a "King" cupcake with all of Elvis's favorites.  And many, many more!  I got the "summer breeze" which was a raspberry cupcake with lemon butter creme frosting.  My daughter got a chocolate cupcake with caramel filling, chocolate frosting, and sea salt.  Hubby went with a classic red velvet with creme cheese frosting and the birthday boy went with raspberry with chocolate mousse.  All very, very good.  And I don't even like sweets!

Next up, nap time for the boys while the girls went shopping.  Can we say Pier 1 summer clearance???  I thought about making him a special dinner but really, he's two and I just honestly could not think of what would be "special" to him.  Ham and cheese sandwiches seem to be his favorite food but that just didn't seem very festive to me.  So, we just went to a restaurant.  Tomorrow is the big family/friend backyard birthday bash.  It's only supposed to be 100, which is downright chilly in this new post-global warming world in which we apparently now exist.  Hip hip hooray!!!

By the way, the garage door IS fixed and Hubby even called in an actual technician to fix it.  Apparently it is sort of dangerous and I managed to convince him that his fingers were worth at least a couple hundred dollars.  I love that my guy is "handy" but seriously, there are times when it's just better to call someone!

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