Saturday, July 16, 2011

Surprise at the Library

I know, I know, I'm constantly waxing on about the wonders of the public library!  Here's what I love, within 20 minutes of my house my kids have THREE great public libraries.  Each one is unique and has different strengths (and a few weaknesses).  So, last week we decided to go the the "little library" in a small town to the South of us.  A former co-worker of mine was going to do a "learn Spanish story time" and I thought this would be great fun.  I even talked one of my mommy friends into making a caravan with me.

Well, as life often goes, the plans were changed at the last minute.  The "knows Spanish" librarian ended up being sick that day, leaving a "does not know Spanish" librarian in charge of story time.  But this crafty librarian had a few tricks up her sleeve.  She called the chief of police, who called the fire department, and the EMT's.  So, instead of learning Spanish, we had stories read to us by the police chief and the fire captain!  They read, of course, stories about police officers and fire fighters.  They told us a little about their jobs, and then....AND THEN...we went outside where they had a police car, a fire truck, and an ambulance!!!  The kids had fun crawling all over the vehicles and touching the tools and gadgets.  Well, except my daughter, who put her complimentary coloring book over her head and complained that it was too hot (she WAS right, but still).  It was a "happy accident" to quote the great Bob Ross.

I think it is very important that children see emergency responders as friendly, approachable people and this was a great opportunity to meet them up close, see all of their cool gadgets, and thank them for the services that they do in our communities.  Yet another fun, free, and educational outing at the library!

Check out if you are interested in learning more about the Pioneer Library System and all of the fun activities they have for all ages.

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