Saturday, October 1, 2011

Al Fresco!

It was another Saturday work day for me, something that is becoming increasingly tiresome for myself and the family.  Still, I managed to slug through eight hours and came home to find homemade brisket, salad, and jalapeno poppers.  Oh, and did I mention a bounce house at full throttle?

The first thing my daughter said when I walked in the door was "Can we eat outside Mommy???"  Well, sure, that sounds like a splendid idea!  Here's me with a beer in one hand and a giant bottle of magic bubbles in the other.  Yessir, we know how to have a good time!

I love to dine "al fresco" but the truth is that it often seems like a better idea then it actually is.  It's too hot or too cold or too windy or the flies are everywhere.  Today we had a rare "perfect" day in Oklahoma.  Low wind, clear skies, and wonderfully moderate temps.  This happens for a week or two every season change, right in between "hotter than hell" and "the worst blizzard of the decade, except for the one last year."  So, we'd better enjoy it!

After a lovely dinner thanks to Hubby, the kids and I took a spin in the nearly-new bounce house that my great friend gave us.  I love a bounce house.  What I really love is a trampoline, but I'm pretty sure they call child services on you if you buy one of those these days so the bounce house will do.  This one really isn't supposed to accommodate adults but I gave it a whirl anyway.  My daughter loves this thing, she has even figured out already how to switch it off and on by herself.  My son, well, he's still on the fence about it but he'll come around.  

This look says "I worked eight hours at the public library, came home, drank a beer, ate too much food, then had a romp in a kiddie-sized bounce house.  You're welcome!

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