Thursday, October 6, 2011

God for Little People

Last month I did something that pre-Mommy me would have rather ripped out her toenails than do:  I taught preschool Sunday school at my church.  And I liked it!  It's possible that I may have even volunteered for a second round in the near future.

We started with the beginning, as in "In the beginning was the Word..." sort of beginning.  We talked about God creating plants and trees, birds and fish, and the Earth, ocean and sky.  All with helpful flashcards, silly songs and buzzing bees, of course.  When asked what their favorite plant that God created was I got answers like "ice cream" "candy" and "chicken nuggets."  It took some convincing but eventually I garnered some appreciation for trees, juicy apples, and beautiful flowers!  I even took those little wild things outside for a mini field trip around the church's garden.  With about four extra wonderful helpers, of course...I'm not that crazy!

Overall, it was really chaotic and slightly crazy.  It was also amazing to see their little faces when they realized something amazing, like that God made everything.  Everything, can you believe it?  Kids said they were thankful for their mommies and daddies, that they thought their big brothers needed extra prayers, and that their favorite "creation" was Spiderman.  It really was reaffirming of my own faith to get to see the beginnings of a small child's religious journey.

This week I was back to just plain ol' mommy and not teacher-mommy.  I asked my daughter how she liked her Sunday school class.  "Great!" she said with enthusiasm.  Then I asked her what they talked about in class.  She didn't even have to think about if for a second when she said "God....again."  Well, sweetie, He's kind of a big deal!

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