Sunday, October 16, 2011

Deviled Eyeballs...oooooooohhhhhhh, oooooooohhhhh......

I have a great women's fellowship church group that meets monthly for crucial "moms' night out."   This past week we had a Halloween party, complete with costumes (I'm sad to say  I didn't have it in me for a costume that night) and themed snacky snacks.  For my contribution, I made deviled eyeballs.  Basically, I made deviled eggs with a green olive half on top.  Simple, sweet (savory actually) and lip-smackin' good!  Here we go:

12 eggs, boiled and peeled
2T yellow mustard
1/4-1/2 C mayonaise, start with a little and add until you get the desired consistency
1 t chopped capers, plus 1 t caper liquid
4-6 chives, chopped
Ground black pepper and sea salt
24 green olives with pimentos, halved
Paprika, for dusting

Halve eggs and remove yolks to a medium mixing bowl.  Add mustard and 1/4 C mayo and mix.  Add remaining ingredients except paprika and mix.  Add remaining mayo as needed. Spoon or pipe into egg white halves (I used a small melon baller and it worked excellently).  Arrange an olive half on top of each egg so that it looks like an eyeball (if making eyeballs).  Sprinkle with paprika = bloodshot eyeballs!  Sccccaaarrrryyyy good!

Note: these are pretty tangy eggs.  If you are a fan of the sweet eggs (with sweet relish) you may not approve but I'm a savory girl and thought these were just perfect!

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