Thursday, September 8, 2011

Art Walk

We just finished up a long holiday weekend and actually managed to do some fun family things.  Weekends are typically so busy for us with my work schedule and the constant demands of house and family.  I think my children think that Home Depot is mandatory for a Saturday at this point!  So, it was great to have a couple of extra days off to have some actual fun along with the lawn mowing, fence fixing, deck staining etc.

One of the Oklahoma City's more unique little neighborhoods is The Paseo Arts District.  It's a collection of galleries, shops, and restaurants with some really unique architecture and gardens.  Hubby and I had gone a few times pre-parenthood and we thought it would be fun to see what's changed in the past few years.  This place is as quirky and eclectic as ever, with lots of great galleries showcasing local artists.  Plus, it's just a fun atmosphere for strolling.  There are sculptures, beautiful landscaping, and of course, unique people!  Most of the galleries are very child-friendly and don't get too uptight about noisy voices and sticky fingers, within reason of course.  I would recommend letting your children put their hands all over the "public" art outside so that once you go inside, they are not dying to touch things.  It worked for us, but then again we didn't spend a huge amount of time in each gallery!  The kids had a great time roaming around and looking at everything and Hubby and I actually got to do something that we enjoy: check out some great art!  Of course, my daughter did announce in one gallery that the art there was "boring" (possibly right in front of the artist), but hey, I believe in focusing on the positive!  Maybe she will be an art critic when she grows up.

One of the gallery managers told me about the Fairy Ball that they host in the district every year and it sounded like so much fun.  I think my daughter is still a bit too young, being that it starts at about the time she usually goes to bed, but in a couple of years she is going to love it.  I am so glad we rediscovered this local gem; it is always a "win win" when we discover something that is fun for kiddos and Mommy and Daddy!

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