Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Walk In the Woods

Yesterday was gorgeous here in OK.  And considering the "heat dome" that we have been living under lately, it basically feels like we have been released from prison!  Needless to say, we were ready to get out and enjoy the lovely weather.  Hubby is more outdoorsy than me and he suggested going on a hike around the lake.  So, I packed us a picnic lunch and off we went.

We were on the road about 15 minutes before my daughter started whining for lunch and wondering aloud why we had been driving for "hours and hours"  but we were not about to let that deter us.  Hubby even stopped at the ranger station and got us a map so that we did not get lost in the woods.  We had been cruising around the lake area for a while at that point trying to figure out where the dang hiking trails were but still, props to the man for stopping for directions!  We actually ended up finding a pretty great trail.  Great at least for people dragging a wagon full of kids.  And off we went into the woods!

Bugs aside, it was a fun little adventure.  We saw two deer, several prickly bear cacti, and lots and lots of spider webs.  At one point, we came upon a dead tree that had fallen completely over the trail.  The kids had fun watching Daddy heave and haul the thing out of the way enough for us to pass.  I could have offered to help, but then who would  have kept an eye on the children?

After about an hour, the kids were officially done and we headed off to find a good picnic spot.  The lake is super low right now so we were able to find a nice flat section of beach (typically under water) to spread out our blanket and have lunch.   I don't know about your kids, but mine love to eat outside!  My daughter even insisted that we eat on a blanket on the ground rather than at a picnic table like civilized people. 

After lunch we walked along the beach looking at sailboats and shells and enjoying the breeze while I tried to not think about the many germs they were probably touching and tracking onto their shoes.  Germs or not, it was fun to get out and enjoy some fresh air on a beautiful day, and not worry about heat stroke!  I'm learning that if the weather is moderate, I'd better be enjoying every second!

Speaking of fun kids' outings at the lake, Hubby took the kids to the Lake Thunderbird Nature Center last weekend while I was at work.  Apparently they have lots of cool displays of local flora and fauna along with occasional children's activities, classes and crafts.  Worth checking out if you are in the area and looking for something different to do!  

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