Thursday, June 2, 2011

Free Range Summer...For a Week or So

I love the beginning of summer.  Those long, lazy days of roaming and relaxing.  Nowhere to go, nothing to do.  It's spectacular...for about a week.  Then I go crazy and need to get back into activity mode.  So, this week is our "free range" week.  It's also our garage sale week...more about that later.  So, here's what we have done this week:  chased ducks at our local pond; gone on long neighborhood walks (well, long for a three-year-old); checked out a snake; ventured to the playground in the adjacent neighborhood (instead of the one across the street); gone to a friend's house for play; made smoothie Popsicles; picked wildflowers; gone swimming; colored with markers (markers, people!); met friends for dinner and play at the temple of pre-school eating, Chick Fil A.
These are just a few fun and lazy summer activities.  It's been great, but also a little mind-numbing.  I'm more of a "get out and do things" kind of mom, hence the title of my blog.  But, the kids have had so much fun just roaming around our neighborhood (and yes, watching tv) and for me it was an important reminder to take time to relax and just let my kids set the tone.  And, it's a good thing we took this week 'cuz next Monday starts about 4 weeks of classes, camps, trips, and other "structured" activities!  It's a balance, this mommy-hood thing.  But, the "off" week is absolutely something I am going to try and work into the routine every now and then.

Here's my fabulous berry smoothie recipe, turned into a Popsicle...yum!

1 cup fresh or frozen berries (I used fresh blueberries and frozen raspberries)
8 oz. plain or vanilla low-fat Greek yogurt
1/2 fresh banana
1/2 cup orange juice
1-2 T agave nectar or honey
handful of ice

Blend until smooth-ish.  Enjoy fresh or pour into Popsicle molds.  Freeze several hours and enjoy, preferably outside.  I mean, come on, Popsicles and outside just go together!  Take time to relax this summer.

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