Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stepping Stone Project

For my daughter's birthday last October, a friend of mine gave her a make-your-own stepping stone kit.  Well, we finally made the stone this last weekend.  It was such fun, messy, messy fun!  Both of my kids had fun stirring the sloopy mixture and pouring it into the mold.  Then, we put those little baby tootsies in the mold.  I'm glad we didn't wait much longer to do this project, their little feet just barely fit together inside the circle.  As a side not, the mixture hardens quickly, especially on top, so don't wait to long to make your hand/foot impression.

We let the stone dry for the rest of that day and then painted the next day.  This was the really fun part!  My daughter was so excited to have actual, real paint (her first time).  She methodically chose each color and where it would go.  She even graciously let brother paint a couple of small areas, with lots of shouted directions on her part.  Then, it was time for glitter.  Ah glitter, the thrill of every child and the nemesis of every mommy!  Either way, she was thrilled with the outcome of the whole thing.  She kept saying "Oh, I love it so.  I so love it mommy!"  Here is the final product:

You can't see the little tootsies very well, but they are there.  I love the size difference!  I think I will do something similar every year.  What a cute and creative gift idea, I love this!  I love it so.  I so love it!

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