Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let's Go the the Movies...

Last year, some friends told me about this awesomely awesome summer kids' movie series that many theaters do.  It sounded grea but sadly, I had a baby and our one attempt at seeing a movie last year (Shrek 4), consisted of me driving a crying baby around for two hours while my mother stayed in the theater with my daughter, niece, and nephew.  Soooo, this year by gosh we are going to the movies!

Our local theater is awesome (The Warren Theater).  It really brings to mind the old-Hollywood glamour when going to the movies was an event, and a luxury.  Of course, with today's prices, going to the movies pretty much IS a luxury.  The children's movie series is such a great idea, and a good deal.  I tend to be a little cheap, and it's hard for me to fork over nearly $20 for two children's matinee tickets when I know I can get the movie for free in a couple of months at my local library.  But, all summer long, my kids can watch (not new) movies on Tuesdays and Thursday's for just $2 each.  And kids under 2 and apparently parents are free, because they only charged me for my pre-schooler!  So, here's the schedule for our theater:  http://www.warrentheatres.com/moorekidsshows.pdf.  Check your local theater and see if they do something similar.

Of course, we still didn't make it all of the way through the movie.  Somewhere past the hour mark, I ran out of purse snacks and my son started trying to escape and doing that oh-so-cute thing where he randomly screams words like "No!" "Down!" and "I done!"  Hmmm...very cryptic.  And even though the place was packed with day-care groups, we suddenly became the most obnoxious people in the theater.  Granted, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is a bit scarier on a 30 foot screen with state-of-the-art surround sound!  I still thought it was a success.  For $2 my kids had a fun activity and we tried something new.  I can't wait until July for Megamind!

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