Monday, April 4, 2011

Hats off to the Chef!

Occasionally, I take off my mommy hat and put on the librarian hat.  Yesterday was just such a day.  Unfortunately, because our library is open until 6pm on Sundays, this means that I get home long after our early-bird dinner.  Typically I will prepare something in the Crock Pot, or make sure we have plenty of leftovers so that Hubby has something to feed himself and the kids.  For some reason, I dropped the ball yesterday and informed Hubby that he was in charge of feeding the munchkins.  I did pick up some burger and dog buns on my morning milk run because (like most men), my husband considers himself King of the Grill. 
In true "extreme man" fashion, this is what he prepared (for himself, and two very small children):
6 hamburger patties
16 (yes, 16) hot dogs
Stuffed mushrooms

Whew, talk about a wild hair!  The man grilled everything grill-able in the fridge and then decided to whip up a new recipe.  I did give him the "make sure they eat some sort of veggie" instructions but I was thinking along the lines of frozen peas, not a semi-gourmet and super tasty veggie dish.  And, for bonus points, he chopped up the mushroom stems and "hid" them in the burger patties along with onions, garlic, and fresh parsley.  Hmmm...has he secretly been reading Jessica Seinfeld?
I wish I had taken a picture of these little beauties.  Truly, he is a master of presentation.  Whereas I just flop the food on a plate, Hubby carefully arranges and garnishes.  Here is an example, this is a ham and cheese crepe from my Valentine's Day breakfast.  Notice the parsley garnish and strawberry fan:
This from a man who has no less than 4 motorcycle boots laying about the house at any given time!

Anyway, he said I could share the mushroom recipe, so here goes:

1 package button mushrooms, cleaned and stems removed
1 slice stale sourdough (or other good quality bread), chopped finely in food processor.
1 T melted butter (apparently my husband used bacon grease, something he likes to hide into his recipies and then giggle when I go on about how tasty it what you like)
1/8 onion or shallot, finely chopped
1t herbs de provence
1t Greek seasoning (Greek seasoning typically has spearmint, oregano, garlic and sea salt)
Good handful mix of grated parm and crumbled feta cheese
Equally good handful of chopped fresh parsley
1 egg
Dash of salt and pepper

Mix all ingredients and stuff into mushrooms.  Bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes.  Or, if for some reason, you too think these go with burgers then just place on an oven-safe dish and pop right onto a covered grill with the burgers.  I wish I had taken a picture of these little beauties before I scarfed them down.  They even went really well with the hot dogs.  I love a grilled hot dog.  It pretty much goes against everything I stand for food-wise but man, it tastes good!  Mmmm.....

And, lest I be accused of shameless bragging: I assure you that I could write an equally lengthy post on the many aggravating things this man does.  The boots are only the beginning.  But, I choose to focus on the positive, it makes life a lot more fun!  So go out and grill yourself some burgers, dogs, and 'shrooms!

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