Monday, April 25, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays....

We have been going like crazy lately.  It seems like every day there are multiple activities.  I feel blessed to have a full life, but sometimes it is easy to forget to slow down and have a "free range" day. 

Today it is cold, damp, and grey in Oklahoma.  I'm thinking it is a perfect movie day!  So far, we have watched Shrek 3, lunched, and napped (which is a miracle for my daughter..God bless dark days).  After nap, I have big plans...Toy Story 3!  I'm not sure why today is thirds day but I'll go with it.  Maybe we'll just go ahead and get our jammies on.  Wait, better wait until at least 4 for that one!  I don't even have to cook dinner tonight thanks to the wonder of Easter leftovers. 

Whew, I did not realize how welcome a day of nothing was until it actually arrived.  My daughter has had some intense behavior problems lately and I am suddenly wondering if our cram-packed schedule has something to do with it.  Man, I hope so 'cuz after this I'm pretty much out of options!  I think we have all reached the end of our patience and deserve a day off.  So, the next time it rains, put on those jammies or sweats, get the remote, and have a day of rest!

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