Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sring has sprung in the Great Plains!

For the second time!  Let's hope it stays this time.  What an awesome weekend of events here in Norman. 

Yesterday we did a quick trip to the Medieval Fair here in Norman.  It was such a beautiful day and a great experience for my older daughter.  The baby, not so much.  But, then again, he's been sick.  I think as the kids get older this will be a must-do annual outing.  My favorite was seeing the "craftsmen" do traditional things the traditional way, like blacksmithing.  There's something for everyone here, from Indian tacos (which is always a head scratcher), to jousting and other medieval sports, to some truly crazy, beautiful, baudy, outrageous, you-name-it costumes.  It's an experience that's for sure.  If you live near Norman, the fair will go on through Sunday the 3rd.

Yesteday was a great day for finally planting.  We picked cucumber (my daughter's favorite), heirloom tomatos, red bell peppers, rosemary, thyme, Italian parsley, and lots and lots of petunias.  My garden looks and smells great!  Yes, my veggies always die a slow and pitiful death, usually after producing little to no produce, but I don't think about that in April.  I think about how this year, by gosh, they are going to flourish.  Isn't that wonderfully  optimistic of me?

And, my personal signal of Spring:the Norman Farmer's Market, which I LOVE.  What a great way to teach your kids that food doesn't come pre-packaged and sterilized on grocery store shelves.  I love the experience of having my kids pick out a vegetable then hand cash to the farmer who grew that very same vegetable.  There is not much local produce yet, but they have a great selection of plants, from flowers to veggies and herbs.  The market is open every Wednesday and Saturday from 8-12 through October.  Go see those farmers and tell them thank you for their hard work and dedication!

Next on the agenda: cleaning our beautiful church!  So it wasn't glamorous, but if you concentrate really, really, really, really hard, there is something spirital about cleaning the baseboards in God's house.  Plus, we got to eat cheap pizza with college students, a  bittersweet nostalgic experience for for a 32 year-old mommy with a purse full of snacky snacks and coupons.

Finally, Girls' Night Out tonight with some spectacular ladies!  Mmmmm....can't wait for two hours away from kids where we will, hmmmm, probably discuss kids!  Once a mom, always a mom! 

What a great weekend!  What great weather!  Get out and enjoy the sunshine!!!  Was that enough exclamation points for you?

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