Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Toddlers: masters of manipulation

"No, no Mama!  Hurting me!!!"

My son has a new catch phrase.  Its delivery is accompanied by a truly devastating hound-dog expression in his enormous brown eyes.  He says it with a perfect mix of pitiful sadness and shocked injustice.  He tosses out this ultimate reprimand whenever I infringe on his rights and freedoms, like daring to change his diaper, dress him, wipe his face after mealtime, or strap him into the carseat.  "No, no Mama!  Hurting me!"  I suppose in his perfect world he would just roam the planet, naked and free, without a mommy to cramp his style.  That is, until he is tired, or hungry, or in actual pain.  Then it's all "Hold you, peeease???"  And I cave, because he's just soooo precious.  See what I mean?  Baby: 1,025,384.  Mommy: 0.

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