Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sometimes, you've just gotta roll with it!

I have had the best of intentions to do lots of wonderful and outdoorsy things this week. Instead it seems that there has been lots of fighting, lots of yelling (ironic since this is what I "gave up" for Lent) and lots of my son running around with big wads of his sister's hair. It seems my beautiful baby has a slightly sinister side. Yesterday, I planned a picnic lunch and play date at our favorite park. Instead, the morning started bad and went down from there. By 10:45 my patience was gone. Instead of our great park day, I robotically fed the kids their sandwiches and fruit, and plopped them in their beds by 11am. Nearly in tears with frustration, I self-soothed with great quantities of hummus, carbs, and DVR'd Rachael Ray. And, what do you know, they both took really, really long naps! After we were all rested and calmed, we did manage to salvage the day just roaming our own neighborhood. We played at the playground, inspected the daffodils in the greenbelt, visited the turtles in the pond, and basically had a free-range day. The lesson I (hopefully) learned is that sometimes I over schedule our day, as if I am frightened of the prospect of a whole day at home with the kids. Turns out, sometimes an unscheduled day is okay. Maybe that's what the little monsters were trying to tell me yesterday morning!

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