Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oh my, oh mama!

Today I have fallen down the rabbit hole of mom blogs. Turns out there are a lot, like a LOT, like a really, really LOT. Most are pretty good, and they are ALL different from one another...this is probably the part that I find most fascinating. I have even stumbled upon many, many blogs written by women whom I have not seen since those awkward, confusing adolescent years. What do you know, they (just like me) have turned into mostly responsible, mostly productive grown-ups. Either that or they (just like me) are doing a darn good job faking it! What occurs to me is this...moms have a lot to say. And people are listening. And we are making changes. As a librarian, nearly ever other new non-fiction title that I see is written by a mom-blogger. I sometimes feel like I'm hiding my aspirations as a "real" writer. Or just wasting my time sending my boring thoughts into the abyss. But maybe not. Maybe, just maybe, I am on the right path after all, bwahahahah!

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  1. I've discovered the same thing. Who knew there were SOOOOOO many bloggers out there. Oh well, I'll keep trudging along.