Friday, March 11, 2011

Stay, Mommy, Stay!

It's a gorgeous day, sun is shining and you can just feel Spring's long-awaited arrival. It's the perfect day for some playground and zoo time. Which is precisely what I had in mind, until my daughter decided to get sick. Dang inconvenient kids, she can't feel under the weather when the temperature is sub-zero! Apparently sometimes you've just got to roll with it. So, instead we spent the day watching movies, playing trucks, and building block towers. And holding a very sweaty, very clingy preschooler while my poor baby boy desperately tried to shove his sister off of Mommy's lap while shouting "No, MY mommy, peeeease!" I did herd the poor child into the backyard while I spread about 30 bags of mulch and pulled weeds, two things I am constantly behind on. Hey, fresh air is good for you right? By 6 pm we were all worn out and sick to death of each other, so both kids went to bed early and Mommy is thinking a nice glass of vino is the perfect "medicine" for me!

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