Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You're probably a mommy if...

...there are always at least two shiny, freshly polished pebbles in your dryer.

...staying in bed until 7 is "sleeping in."

...you find a plastic goldfish in your stock pot and don't even bat an eye.

...you agonize with guilt over every unnecessary personal purchase, but you will happily drop $$$ every time The Children's Place sends you a coupon.

...your last "date" involved another exhausted mommy and twice the kids.

...you regularly rummage through the dirty clothes hamper, the platic-ware cabinet, and your childrens' toy chests for your phone.

...you often refer to yourself in the third person.

And finally...
...you think your baby's low rida' diaper is the cutest thing ever.

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