Friday, April 8, 2011

Potting Project

As a child, I really loved playing with "helicopters" in the Spring.  You know, those little maple seeds that twirl and fall everywhere when there is a maple nearby.  In addition to playing with them, I really liked to plant the seeds in little pots and grow baby trees.  As a matter of fact, nearly every tree in my parents' back yard started out in a tiny cup by me 25-ish years ago.  There used to be more, but my mom has recently been on the losing end of her ongoing fight with the power company tree trimmers.  I'm pretty sure she's on some tree hugger, environmental activist/terrorist list.  I am, of course, exaggerating.  Slightly. 

So, yesterday on a lazy afternoon, I got to idea to share the experience with my own kids.  There is a humongo maple tree in our front yard and Hubby occasionally says it may need to be cut down some day.  That is, unless his mother in law-decides to camp in it in protest! Anyway, I guess I'd better start on some replacement maples just in case.  Each kiddo picked out their pot.
Then they apparently decided it was break time.  Surprisingly, my daughter chose the smaller pot!  Then we went on a search for the perfect helicopter.  They are very excited about growing baby  helicopters.  Maybe I should have explained this better!  Oh well, they'll figure it out.  Or else be hugely disappointed. 

They were actually great about filling their pots with dirt, using their little fingers to bore a hole, and dropping in their little seed.  My son managed to unearth his about 37 times so we'll have to wait and see how tough those little seeds are.    My daughter thinks hers needs to go in the rock garden.
I think Hubby w ill veto that.  Actually, my plan (if they grow) is to buy larger pots to paint and give them away as Mother's Day presents.  You know, tree-lover Grandma and all.  First, we have to wait and see if the little guys actually grow.  Stay tuned for an update!

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