Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cheesiest Story Time Ever!

I love cheese... and wine.  Wine and cheese, what's not to love?  So, long ago I signed up for the newsletter at my local rock-star independent cheese store, Forward Foods.  They do several cheese courses a month, including of course, wine and cheese.  I have the best of intentions of taking one someday but it's always something:  I have to work that night, it's $35, I have to drive all of the way to their Oklahoma City store, you know the drill.  Then, I saw a different cheese course, FREE cheese tasting story time!  Are you kidding?  I had my kids signed up in the time it took me to say Yippee!  It's about time I ratcheted up the "good" food brainwashing on those little sponges, and this was the perfect opportunity.  Of course, the excitement only lasted a few minutes (I have a pretty short attention span) and then I promptly forgot about it.

Luckily, they were kind enough to send me a reminder email the day before.  So off we went to the big ol' city.  Their new store is beautiful, with wide aisles, endless yummies, and a little mock grocery store just for kids.  Our lovely cheesemonger, Bailey, greeted us and set up the kiddos with coloring while she got their snack.  On the menu?  Fresh buffalo mozzeralla, organic apples, organic milk, and Annie's bunny grahams.  Did I mention that this was free?  She read the kids stories and kept them entertained while I shopped.  Oh the bliss, roaming a gourmet grocery while my kids were happily entertained!

Yum, yum!
The selection at their Oklahoma City location was a bit larger too .  There is a wonderful olive bar, lots of fresh produce, and of course, the cheese.  The kids had a blast and it was fun to explore their store without feeling rushed or waiting for something to crash at my feet.  Bailey said that they would like to do more of these story hours but they will need to get the word out. Well, Bailey, I'm doing my part.  Story time at the cheese store: happy kids, happy mama, happy day!


  1. Baily was our gameday babysitter two years ago. She is wonderful! Tell her "hi" for us.
    BTW - I love the new background and colors.