Thursday, August 11, 2011

Service with a smile...

Today, in honor of the rain, I took the kiddos to a very special lunch out.  When we pulled up, a snappily dressed man with a black umbrella rushed out to greet us.  He held it over my head as I unbuckled both of my children from their car seats, then made sure to keep all three of us covered as we entered the building.  At the door, two more employees in matching black and white held the doors open for us.  We placed our order and were escorted to a table with a fresh floral arrangement while we waited for our food to be delivered.  While we ate, a nice young woman periodically checked on us to see if we needed anything, anything at all.  After we were finished eating, dessert was quickly brought for my children to share.  Then, another woman asked if she could clear the table.  Finally, we were ready for the main event:  shoes off and into the noisy chaos of the play area.  Yep, that's right, we went to Chick Fil A!

I love Chick Fil A; it's pretty much the only fast food I feel good about feeding my kids.  I love the healthy-ish options, the cute books and games that they give with the kids' meals, and the fact that the stores are always clean and staffed with friendly people.  But, the Chick Fil A in Moore is going above and beyond!  Seriously, people with umbrellas?  Fresh flower bouquets?  And I'm not talking about a single carnation, these were some serious floral arrangements.  Not to mention that they have always been a great friend of the Moore Library.  What a fun treat for a rainy weekday.  Way to go Chick Fil A of Moore!

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