Friday, August 5, 2011

Heat Wave Survival Guide

Yes, it's hot.  There is nothing I can say that hasn't already been said.  It is freakin' unbearably hot.  And school is out.  So, if you are like me you are now facing day after day after day in this stifling heat with two very young children to entertain.  Here is what I have come up with so far:

Playground mornings:  Like at 8am.  Not so bad really, we have had quite a few nice, peaceful mornings hitting the local park or neighborhood playground early.  There is still a nice breeze and you can rest assured that your kids have earned some "outdoor" time, which will ease the guilt of letting them watch 17 DVR'd shows in the afternoon.  Invite friends for extra fun, and distraction!

Pools:  Sure, a no-brainer for hot weather.  We're up to about three times a week swimming, a pretty big deal considering we don't actually have a pool, just a good neighbor who loves kids!  Again, outside time without roasting under the sun.  At least, not if you time it right!

Libraries:  Trust me, I am not the only one with this idea.  Libraries have been extra busy this summer.  Thank your local librarian; chances are she/he is overwhelmed and under-paid.  Just a guess.

Crafts:  I am seriously craft-challenged.  But, I am learning a few simple things that can keep kiddos entertained for at least a little bit.  Toilet paper roll binoculars, anyone?  Collages from magazine and broken down picture books?  Markers and crayons are especially fun if you have a roll of really big paper, like for tracing little bodies or drawing treasure maps.  Yesterday, I gave my kids an empty wrapping paper tube to play with (can you say desperate mommy)?  In the last 24 hours this thing has been a telescope, rocket ship, an oar, Pinocchio's nose, a leaf blower (my weird son is obsessed with these), and of course, a handy tool for hitting a sibling over the head with.  Tomorrow, maybe we will break out the cotton balls and glue sticks and make our own snowy dream-scape!

Museums: air-conditioned, fun, always changing, and often free or very low-cost.  Enough said!

Finally, TV.  Normally, I would not consider this an activity, but clearly the rules are gonna' change to get though this summer.  If you watch your whole library of kids' movies in two days, what the heck?  We're in survival mode at this point!  What else are you supposed to do when it's 113???  Come on autumn!!!

I will get through this summer, I will get through this summer...

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