Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mommy Day!

Hallelujah!  School is in session!  I took some serious heat from my friends last year for sending my kids to Mother's Day Out on different days.  Honestly, I did have fun hanging out with them individually last year.  Especially my daughter since we got to do bigger kid stuff without me chasing after a baby the entire day.  My poor son really just got to accompany Mommy on the various errands I didn't get to do the rest of the week.  However, it really did pretty much nix any free time I could have had.  

So this year I signed them up for the same day once a week, with a second day for my daughter.  That means I am guranteed an entire 5 hours a week just to myself!  Oh the bliss, the confusion, I mean, what do regular humans do with themselves without tiny people to herd all day?  My goal is to mostly use this time for myself, within reason.  Let's face it, there are still kitchens to be cleaned, bills to be paid, and groceries to get.  But, I'm off to a bang on my first day.  Today I worked out at a new gym (more about that later), then hit the sales at the mall.  Weirdly, I didn't find much.  I think my brain was in some sort of peace-induced shock and I just stared at the same handful of bags for about 45 minutes, unable to make a decision on which one I liked best.  It seems that my brain works best when it is at the mercy of a toddler's wild mood swings  I'm pretty sure the saleslady thought I was a shoplifter.   

For extra fun I picked up a pint of mint gelato from the new Natural Grocers Store.  Hey, I worked out right?  Overall it was a good day.  Thank you friends, you were absolutely right!  Next week, I'm imagining pedicures and a long lunch.  It's gonna be a good year!  

Oh, and the kids loved school too!  

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